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Watch Live Videos From Danguba 2015.12.27

Organic Toy had an amazing concert in Belgrade club Danguba on 2015.12.27. Performing for the first time in the club, Organic Toy gave a full set concert with extreme energy,  fueled by audience enthusiasm. Check out “Kruna” below.     


Concert in club Danguba, Belgrade on 27. December 2015.

Organic Toy is pleased to announce live concert in club Danguba ( on Sunday 27. December 2015 in Belgrade. Playing in front of Belgrade crowd was a long time coming and this will mark the occasion when we will perform material from our new album. Also, this will be first public performance of the recently recorded…


CANCELED – Concert in club Sioux, Belgrade on 18. March 2015.

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances we have had to cancel our appearance in this concert. We are truly sorry for this, but this was the case of “force majeure”. We’ve heard from the guys from Splet that they had a great gig and we congratulate them on it! Again, we apologize to anybody and everybody…


Watch Kruna Live From Club Fest 2015.02.15

Slowly, but surely, we are working on post production of the video material taken at our concert in club Fest a month ago. Thanks to our friends and their great equipment we had fortune to have entire gig recorded. From that concert now you can watch Kruna live from club Fest, polished in full HD resolution.


Watch Xenomorph Live From Club Fest 2015.02.15

Organic Toy had an amazing concert in Zemun club Fest on 15. February 2015. We’ve seen plenty of new faces, plenty of old fans and got some really nice feedback from the crowd that night. With huge help of our friend we have our entire gig recorded on professional equipment. All of you who wish to rekindle the…


Concert in club Fest, Belgrade on 15. February 2015.

After long concert pause caused by hard studio work, Organic Toy is back live. On 15. February 2015. Organic Toy is going to have a concert in Belgrade club Fest, just as almost two years ago. You will be listening to our new songs, with some oldies of course. On that night we will be…


Watch Unfit Live From Club Fest

Organic Toy had really good concert at Belgrade Club Fest on 17. April 2013. You can feel small part of the atmosphere by watching following video of the song Unfit: If you like it feel free to share it!


Concert in club Fest, Belgrade on 17. April 2013.

Organic Toy is pleased to announce that they will play live in Belgrade club Fest ( on 17. April 2013.

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