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Organic Toy’s “Unfit” Review By Balkanrock Portal

Organic Toy UnfitWe are proud to announce that our first album Unfit has been reviewed by Balkanrock Portal ( In the review Aleksandar Nikolić writes:

We have nine intriguingly titled numbers with intriguing dynamics with consensus that this is after all a “heavy” album. Already in opening tracks the sound of the entire album can be felt, but a listener still does not know when he could be surprised.

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Watch Unfit Live From Club Fest

Organic Toy had really good concert at Belgrade Club Fest on 17. April 2013. You can feel small part of the atmosphere by watching following video of the song Unfit:

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Little Excerpt From Studio

Here’s a little excerpt from studio featuring our latest song:


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Concert in club Fest, Belgrade on 17. April 2013.

Organic Toy is pleased to announce that they will play live in Belgrade club Fest ( on 17. April 2013.

Organic Toy Concert flyer

Organic Toy Concert flyer

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XX music video

Organic Toy has just finished with final touches on their first music video. They’ve chosen the song XX.

Hit the play button.


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vote for organic toy for festivals

Vote for Organic Toy playing on Burning Sea and MetalDays festivals.

You can vote here for Burning Sea:

and here for MetalDays festival:

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