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Watch Xenomorph Live From Club Fest 2015.02.15

Organic Toy had an amazing concert in Zemun club Fest on 15. February 2015. We’ve seen plenty of new faces, plenty of old fans and got some really nice feedback from the crowd that night. With huge help of our friend we have our entire gig recorded on professional equipment. All of you who wish to rekindle the atmosphere, and those who could not make it, watch Xenomorph Live from club Fest as recorded on 2015.02.15.

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Concert in club Fest, Belgrade on 15. February 2015.

After long concert pause caused by hard studio work, Organic Toy is back live. On 15. February 2015. Organic Toy is going to have a concert in Belgrade club Fest, just as almost two years ago. You will be listening to our new songs, with some oldies of course. On that night we will be sharing the stage with Ivana Nikodijević – a powerful female vocalist – and her band Tri Metra Strejta. All in all very powerful night.

For Facebook people the link to the event is

For the initiated one glimpse of how it was in one of our previous gigs:

 Organic Toy in concert

Catch Organic Toy concert in club Fest on 15. February!


Second Album Studio Trailer

Several months we have been in the studio, hard at work on our own second album. Today we can proudly present to you – a one minute short video giving only a short glimpse of how it was for us during long recording, editing and mixing hours. Here it is, in all it’s glory: Organic Toy’s second album studio trailer:

Enjoy the clip! If you like it share it. Friends, family, dogs, cats… And stay tuned – this is only a clip from much longer video documenting our days in the studio. If there is a demand – we’ll release for your viewing pleasure.

But, most importantly, our second album is just around corner. If you liked what you heard in this short clip and while you’re waiting the release of our second album take a listen to our first album “Unfit” by downloading it from here.


Balkanrock Has Chosen Unfit As One Of The Best In 2013

Organic Toy Unfit Album The Best In 2013Great news for Organic Toy! Balkanrock has chosen our album Unfit as one of the best albums in the region in 2013. We feel honored and proud to be in such good company. Balkanrock team is even looking forward to our next album, which is already in the works. We are promising not to disappoint them.

Read more about our Unfit and about other excellent band here:


The Interview for MjuzNews portal

The Interview for MjuzNewsYet another interview with Organic Toy. We feel so lucky and thankful to have this kind of media coverage. The interview for MjuzNews, Serbian music portal, is in Serbian language. The title means “The Destiny of the Music Scene Is In the Hands of the Media“. Read the rest of it on the link below:


The Interview for Balkan Rock

Following the digital re-release of the album Unfit Serbian music portal Balkan Rock conducted a Q&A session with our own Dule, the drummer of Organic Toy. Organic Toy interview for Balkan Rock is in Serbian, but for those curious its title means “Many People Have no Patience for Music“. You can read the rest of the interview on the link below:

As the bonus, check out cool cymbals on the photo used for the interview:

Organic Toy interview for Balkan Rock


Bio Page Updated

Check out updated bio page on the link below:

Or just click “bio” in the menu above 🙂


Unfit Mentioned on Jelen Top 10

Unfit Mentioned on Jelen Top 10Unfit gets a mention on Jelen Top 10 (, Serbian rock and alternative top list. Read about it here


Download Unfit Album For Free

Download Unfit Album For Free on Balkanrock Records

Thanks to the partnership with Balkanrock Records (, we have decided to release our entire first album – Unfit – for free download. Go here and download Unfit album for free and have your copy in 320bps MP3 format.


Unfit Mentioned on Remix Press

Unfit gets mentioned in the web magazine Remix Press (

Check out cool picture they have used:

 Organic Toy band pic