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“66d” Out Now!!

Organic Toy are proud to announce the release of the sophomore album “66d”!

66d album cover

After many hardworking months and exactly sixty-six days in the studio recording it, we fell exhilarated to finally hold the album in our hands. And you could have your copy too! Just look at this:

66d CDs

Just contact us via usual channels (FacebookE-mail or clicking in upper right corner of this site) or just click on the picture above, and you can have it, for a small fee.

“66d” features nine songs:

  1. Xenomorph
  2. OT
  3. 66d
  4. Vampir (bluz)
  5. N1
  6. Organic Machine
  7. Kruna
  8. Problem 229
  9. Succubus Dream

We feel anxious to play “66d” and share our new music with the world. See you in concert!


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