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Listen To New Song – Money (Pink Floyd Cover)

After a long break, back in the rehearsal room we’ve come up with an idea to cover one the most iconic bands in rock’n’roll, also a great influence on our sound – Pink Floyd. We picked a song and soon we were full of ideas how to put specific “organic” spin on one of the most recognizable Floyd’s tunes. Not long after we’ve decided that it was the time to go back to studio and record the song and share it with the world. Without further delay, listen to our new song – Money, a cover of legendary Pink Floyd.

For you guys that prefer SoundCloud, here is the link to the tune there – SoundCloud. Share it, talk about it, hate it, comment it, like it. We’re open to any and all feedback.

Also, there is nobody more willing to see our second album seeing the light of the day than us. To keep you interested, here is a little tease of what to expect:

New Song Money Pink Floyd Cover



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