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The Interview for MjuzNews portal

Yet another interview with Organic Toy. We feel so lucky and thankful to have this kind of media coverage. The interview for MjuzNews, Serbian music portal, is in Serbian language. The title means “The Destiny of the Music Scene Is In the Hands of the Media“. Read the rest of it on the link below:


The Interview for Balkan Rock

Following the digital re-release of the album Unfit Serbian music portal Balkan Rock conducted a Q&A session with our own Dule, the drummer of Organic Toy. Organic Toy interview for Balkan Rock is in Serbian, but for those curious its title means “Many People Have no Patience for Music“. You can read the rest of the interview on the link below: As…


Bio Page Updated

Check out updated bio page on the link below: Or just click “bio” in the menu above 🙂

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