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“66d” Out Now!!

Organic Toy are proud to announce the release of the sophomore album “66d”!

66d album cover

After many hardworking months and exactly sixty-six days in the studio recording it, we fell exhilarated to finally hold the album in our hands. And you could have your copy too! Just look at this:

66d CDs

Just contact us via usual channels (FacebookE-mail or clicking in upper right corner of this site) or just click on the picture above, and you can have it, for a small fee.

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Watch Live Videos From Danguba 2015.12.27

Organic Toy had an amazing concert in Belgrade club Danguba on 2015.12.27. Performing for the first time in the club, Organic Toy gave a full set concert with extreme energy,  fueled by audience enthusiasm. Check out “Kruna” below. 


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Concert in club Danguba, Belgrade on 27. December 2015.

Organic Toy is pleased to announce live concert in club Danguba ( on Sunday 27. December 2015 in Belgrade. Playing in front of Belgrade crowd was a long time coming and this will mark the occasion when we will perform material from our new album. Also, this will be first public performance of the recently recorded Pink Floyd cover “Money”.

On that night we will be sharing the stage with Clay Chariot from Belgrade, who will present you with their flavor of alternative rock. Check them out on their SoundCloud page  and their Facebook. If you think you are seeing a familiar face in their ranks, you’ll be right – Organic’s own Marko is playing bass in Clay Chariot as well. It will be one tough night for him – but extra beer after the gig. 

flier for Organic Toy concert in DangubaPlenty of reasons to come to Danguba!



Listen To New Song – Money (Pink Floyd Cover)

After a long break, back in the rehearsal room we’ve come up with an idea to cover one the most iconic bands in rock’n'roll, also a great influence on our sound – Pink Floyd. We picked a song and soon we were full of ideas how to put specific “organic” spin on one of the most recognizable Floyd’s tunes. Not long after we’ve decided that it was the time to go back to studio and record the song and share it with the world. Without further delay, listen to our new song – Money, a cover of legendary Pink Floyd.

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CANCELED – Concert in club Sioux, Belgrade on 18. March 2015.

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances we have had to cancel our appearance in this concert. We are truly sorry for this, but this was the case of “force majeure”.

We’ve heard from the guys from Splet that they had a great gig and we congratulate them on it!

Again, we apologize to anybody and everybody affected with this unfortunate turn of events.

Original news below:

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Watch Kruna Live From Club Fest 2015.02.15

Slowly, but surely, we are working on post production of the video material taken at our concert in club Fest a month ago. Thanks to our friends and their great equipment we had fortune to have entire gig recorded. From that concert now you can watch Kruna live from club Fest, polished in full HD resolution.

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Watch Xenomorph Live From Club Fest 2015.02.15

Organic Toy had an amazing concert in Zemun club Fest on 15. February 2015. We’ve seen plenty of new faces, plenty of old fans and got some really nice feedback from the crowd that night. With huge help of our friend we have our entire gig recorded on professional equipment. All of you who wish to rekindle the atmosphere, and those who could not make it, watch Xenomorph Live from club Fest as recorded on 2015.02.15.

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Concert in club Fest, Belgrade on 15. February 2015.

After long concert pause caused by hard studio work, Organic Toy is back live. On 15. February 2015. Organic Toy is going to have a concert in Belgrade club Fest, just as almost two years ago. You will be listening to our new songs, with some oldies of course. On that night we will be sharing the stage with Ivana Nikodijević – a powerful female vocalist - and her band Tri Metra Strejta. All in all very powerful night.

For Facebook people the link to the event is

For the initiated one glimpse of how it was in one of our previous gigs:

 Organic Toy in concert

Catch Organic Toy concert in club Fest on 15. February!


Second Album Studio Trailer

Several months we have been in the studio, hard at work on our own second album. Today we can proudly present to you – a one minute short video giving only a short glimpse of how it was for us during long recording, editing and mixing hours. Here it is, in all it’s glory: Organic Toy’s second album studio trailer:

Enjoy the clip! If you like it share it. Friends, family, dogs, cats… And stay tuned – this is only a clip from much longer video documenting our days in the studio. If there is a demand – we’ll release for your viewing pleasure.

But, most importantly, our second album is just around corner. If you liked what you heard in this short clip and while you’re waiting the release of our second album take a listen to our first album “Unfit” by downloading it from here.


Balkanrock Has Chosen Unfit As One Of The Best In 2013

Organic Toy Unfit Album The Best In 2013Great news for Organic Toy! Balkanrock has chosen our album Unfit as one of the best albums in the region in 2013. We feel honored and proud to be in such good company. Balkanrock team is even looking forward to our next album, which is already in the works. We are promising not to disappoint them.

Read more about our Unfit and about other excellent band here: